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Experiences in the Meditation Area

I began my studies in meditation in 2004 at the Khadro Ling Temple in Três Coroas - RS, which was led by Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, Master of the Tibetan School. Later, i entered the Soto Zen Shu School in 2011 to deepen the meditative techniques, having as first teacher one of the students of the forerunner of zazen (seated meditation) techniques in Brazil and Zen Buddhist Monk. Later, i began to be guided by other Masters, being that i remain in practice and teach the techniques of the Soto Zen School until the present day. Concurrently with the studies of meditation, from the year 2000 i was a student of Professor Nestor Mota, precursor of Yoga in the State of Goiás, for approximately 06 years.

I held the post of General Coordinator of a Zen Community from the year 2012 until July 2017, a position that i delivered in 2017, when i went to Japan, leading the assembly of programs and structuring of Meditation Groups in more than 18 Brazilian cities.


I coordinated a Zen Study and Meditation Group in Goiania from 2012 to 2019, work developed continuously with the Kangendô - School of Japanese Therapies and the International University of Peace - UNIPAZ.


During the years 2016 and 2017, through a Pilot Project that had several and varied activities with specific focuses in developing human qualities, i taught meditation for children from 3 to 6 years of age at Educare Montessori School in Goiânia.

In June 2017 I moved to Japan to immerse myself in meditative techniques and accompany a work with Japanese school children developed by the Yokoji Buddhist Zen Temple Abbot in Hakui, Ishikawa, where I remained until January 2018. During this period I completed writing the CRESCENDO ZEN Project, broadening its emotional dimension and developing new focuses on the proposed concrete activities and skills in order to put it fully and professionally into practice in 2018.

Since 2018, the Project has been applied professionally in several schools in Goiânia, today with more than 1.000 students who had direct access to the activities proposed by the Project, as well as teachers, medical psychologists, musicians and professionals from different areas who have already been through a first approach to training in meditation and meditation with children.

During these almost 20 years of walking in the universe of meditation, I participated in more than 100 immersion retreats in meditative techniques and mindfulness in Brazil and Japan, as well as in activities within this context, with Masters from different strands.

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